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Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will have brought us advanced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced materials, biotechnology, and genomics. These developments will transform the way we live, and the way we work. Some jobs will disappear, others will grow, and jobs that don’t even exist today will become commonplace.

What is certain is that the future workforce will need to align digital skillset to keep pace in the next digital machine age.

Architecting Your Future is your dynamic roadmap to design a joyful, fulfilling life that always holds the possibility of surprise. It is a growth plan for your life.



In recent years, you may have observed that computers are able to diagnose and predict diseases, drive cars, write your prescription, clean your floor, and even win Jeopardy in a new digital era.

1.0 Discover Your Life-Scale

When you have clarity of your quality of mind, and a bigger view, you will know how to understand, master, and regulate your emotional intelligence and intentions, and you will focus on your choice of career, health, finance, fitness, family, relationship, art and play.

2.0 Plotting

While trying to find your direction, you need to search for your purpose.

3.0 Constructing

The construction of your future means laying down your foundation for success, by developing and building skills, and practicing on a regular basis

4.0 Goals, Systems, and Focus

Your goals, system, and focus is like a three-dimensional viewpoint, and you need all three dimensionsto be balanced to get real experience and optimum results.Strive to comprehend what will make you achieve goals by understanding driving forces which will convert your thoughts into behaviors and, ultimately, results.
Importance of Achieving Your Goal
Kinds of Goals
Career & Professional Goals
Health & Fitness Goals
Relationship Goals
Financial Goals
Family Goals
Art and Play Goals
Goal Setting Do’s & Don’ts: Awareness of Your Goals

5.0 Architecting Lives

An architect always hasa vision to see the complete picture, based on a goal. He appliesarchitectural thinking to plan A and B, which includesa short-term goal to solve a problem, and a long-term strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

6.0 What Motivates You to Achieve Your Goals

The key to successful goal setting is your ability to motivate yourself, keep the momentum, and stay motivated until you have achieved your goals.

7.0 Energy Leads to Performance – Time vs Energy vs Focus

Time management is not a new subject. It is balance between time and energy, and focus in the best possible way in order to achieve our goals by producing results. This is called productivity.

8.0 Energy, Physiology, Stress for Goal Achievement

The art of architecting your future is to have a talent stack platform of learning how to live, learn and love, to explore exponential growth in the digital era.

9.0 Your Inner Circle of Influence

Inner circle is not just about connecting with people but keeping the quality of your relationship with key team members, who will either influence you or be influenced and supported, reminding you from timeto time how you are doing.

10.0 Get Digital, Get Hired

We are heading toward the most challenging territory of the future, called the digital era. Technology has decreased the demand for low-skilled workers, but at the same time it has increased it for highly skilled and knowledgeable workers globally.

11.0 Digitize Your Career

Technology continues to disrupt industries and organizations, and provides an opportunity as well as forcing our careers to get disrupted. We have two choices:Either we wait and watch, or we become proactive to disrupt our future to be on the leading edge, and lead above average.

12.0 Seven Technology Disrupters for Future

We continue living in an uncertain and complex world due to economical change with technological advancements.

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Ravindar is an optimist, technologist and an award-winningauthor. He has studied information science and technology, and explored how technology increases productivity and efficiency. Through his work, he Humanize disruptive trends to help individuals and organizations how technology with architecture thinking are evolving to thrive and drive change and growth in Digital Era. He has worked with Citibank, IBM, BT, Cisco, and NTT. He is married and has two little champion sons. Currently, he is living in Singapore and enjoys running marathons globally.